Burger King Shots Review:

If you are signed up for Burger King's newsletter you should have recently got a new newsletter from them with a printable coupon offer for their new BK Shots! If not click here for a printable coupon for FREE 2 pack BK Burger Shots w/ purchase of a Value Meal. Hubby & I stopped last night and got a 6 pack to try. They are small, and were perfect for our lifestyle (post gastric bypass). Our local BK ran out of buns though and only had enough for a 4 pack. Personally, I thought they were OK. Nothing to write home about it with the taste factor. I personally think the Whopper Junior is way better. I liked them for thier size, but was dissapointed in their taste.

So I think the coupon offer would be great if you were buying your favorite Value Meal, and then the BK Burger Shots are FREE to try!