I had the chance to review the K-Y® Yours & Mine product, and was very reluctant at first. I have been married for a little over 25 years. I figured whatever we have been doing must be ok, right? Then I thought about it. The past year I have lost 92 lbs. I am learning to love myself again (including my body image), and with that amount of weight gone, I have noticed that I have been in the "mood" more. Maybe we could change it up a little bit and do something a tad different?

Another reason is that my husband and I have recently became "empty nesters". Yep, both our adult kids ages 19 & 24 moved out this past October. For the first time in 24 years we are now ALONE. Learning to enjoy this new found freedom. But before some of you get excited, they do live in the vicinity, and a matter of fact our 24 year old daughter pops in quite often as she is just a couple miles away. But anyway, between both these scenarios, I decided maybe we could experiment and truely review the product!

When I think of K-Y®, the first thing I think of is lubricant. Most women at some point have used their product in general for dryness alone during sexual intercourse. I know K-Y® made other products. I was excited to try K-Y® Yours & Mine, to see what all the fuss was actually. Thinking about their commercials, I wondered what it did. The commercial leaves you wondering or assuming what it must feel like when they combine. I don't know about you, but I seen myself in that "mom & dad" scenario where the couple finds time to have sex and then the kids come home. I think most of parents have.

Now how exactly do you blog a review about a product that is meant to be private? or on a personal manner? Hopefully you will read "between the lines" and get what I can say without going "TMI"! Now we understand why the commercials leave you with the question? Because how do they explain their product on TV? LOL!

We have used similar products that didn't smell like the package said it would? For example, Cherry scent, and instead you got rotten eggs. There was nothing odd with K-Y® Yours & Mine at all. Nothing unpleasant. Thumbs up!

Similar products used were so sticky it was nothing but a mess, and the evening basically spoiled because of it. K-Y® Yours & Mine, is NOT sticky. They have a great blend of oil in this product, it was easy to clean up and no big mess! Thumbs up!

Does the product work the way you expect it too? YES! The man's version (YOUR'S) is a warm sensation for his sensation. The woman's version (MINE) is a very cool/icy sensation to your senses. My hubby & I enjoyed the product when BOTH sensations combined, it was nothing earth moving, but enjoyable. The product lasted throughout our "review process", I didn't have to add more etc. The sensations also lasted longer than you would think, because not every woman is a "microwave", most are like crockpots.

I would recommend the product to those looking to explore a different level of intimacy. I would give K-Y® Yours & Mine a thumbs up & would use the product again.

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K-Y® Brand Facts:

The K-Y® Brand has been around for a very long time. Its first incarnation was as a Jelly Personal Lubricant in 1917. Today the K-Y® Brand occupies the #1 market position in the lubricant category, and has a 99% brand awareness. The extended K-Y® Brand personal lubricants line was created to provide safe and natural feeling to help consumers improve their intimacy.

In addition to "smoothness" water based lubricants easily rinse off in water, which many consumers prefer. Silicone based lubricants provide longer lasting lubrication but do not readily dissolve in water. K-Y® Brand offers both water based and silicone based personal lubricants for whatever your preference may be.