Laura's Lean Beef Company sent me a coupon recently to try their lean beef products. What a great opportunity. We try to use the leanest cuts in our household, and the cost sometimes doesn't justify it especially in today's economic times. So I finally had the chance to try their product without worrying about the money factor.

I could only find ground beef products in my local areas and very limited supplies. So check Laura's Lean Beef website first and use their locator section to make sure your local store carries their products. It is only offered at two of my local stores, and it took me more than one visit to get my product because they were out.

Hubby and I couldn't believe the quality of the meat. Nice and red. I am very picky about my hamburger, it just isn't beef if it is PINK or dull etc in color. Hubby made some of his favorite burgers with just a few spices so we could taste the meat and flavor of the meat. Even with less fat, making the patties was easy and the meat still stuck together. I would say to cook it on medium heat, since there is hardly any fat in the meat, it can cook really fast and stick to your pan. There is NO fat in the pan, NONE, Notta! Awesome, I felt much healthier seeing that process just gone.

The taste? Better than higher fat ground beef anyday! WOW! It was full of flavor, great texture, not gritty or grizzly like you can get in higher fat and cheaper ground beef products. I would buy her products again, especially if I can find it on sale.

I highly recommend you try this product if it is sold in your area. I can't wait to try it for meatloaf, spaghetti, ohhhh and taco's! LOL!

Here are some facts about Laura's Lean Beef products:

- No antibiotics or growth hormones are used in the raising of her Limousin and Charolais cattle breeds which produce natually low fat beef.
- They are committed to sustainable farming which consists of protecting the environment and promoting humane treatment of the animals.

Laura's Lean Beef Website offers; recipes, product information, nutrition health & much more.

The site is offering you a printable $1 off coupon, if you sign up for their email list! What a great opportunity to try Laura's Lean Beef products!