I had the opportunity to review a neat product from Screen Dreams. Screen Dreams offers Themed DVD’s for screensavers for your Television. To be honest, at first I thought ok, what is the big deal? We can already get anything imaginable for our laptops and desktop computers. What would be the real use of it?

Screen Dreams sent Screensaver DVD’s; Living Aquarium Vol 2 & Living Earth. I reviewed the Living Aquarium. I came up with the idea, that maybe I could get my cat Ginger to be entertained with it some. I have always wanted a fish aquarium but with my health issues I don’t think it would be for me. Let alone the cost of having one, and then the upkeep.

All you need is a TV and DVD Player. It can be used on Flat Panel, Plasma, HDTV, LCD, DLP & all Home Theater TV’s. It was easy to use. There is over 100 minutes of content that never get old. I have a 32 inch TV, so it was really awesome seeing the program in that size, compared to a normal screensaver for your computer, like I was used too.

I have had a lot of stress, family situations and health issues lately in my life and thought it was relaxing to have on in the living room while I surfed the net etc. I even used it on my laptop, on my table next to my bed. I would put it on when I was ready for bed, so it would help me “tune out” and go to sleep. I have an fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & anxiety disorder and with everything happening, this really helped me de-stress, become calmer and fall asleep easier than normal.

Either I didn’t use it enough for my Cat Ginger to get used to or she wasn’t having it at all. I never expected though that I would end up using it more for ME on such a normal basis! I loved the Living Aquarium DVD Screensaver.

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