After years of decaf Starbucks Coffee, I moved over to McDonald's Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee's (nonfat), and haven't turned back for the coffee flavor or price really! We still go to our local Starbucks for hubby's coffee, and love their lite frap's (too chilly for those right now).

This morning on the way to a Freecycle pick up (which by the way, they weren't home), we stopped by and said hi to our friendly Barista's, hubby got his coffee and I wasn't going to get anything until I saw that they had a new line of tea drinks out. I ordered a Tall, not sure if I would like it etc. It is made with a fruit concentrate.

Berry Chai Infusion: Combines Chai Tea concentrate with a proprietary blend of aronia berry (tart berry similar to cranberry) and black currant (dark colored berry with a sharp, sweet taste) juice.

Tall: 190 Calories
Grade: 250 Calories
Venti: 310 Calories
Short: 130 Calories

I would love to try their Apple Chai Infusion but it is toooooo high in calories! Darn it!

Apple Chai Infusion: Combines Chai Tea concentrate with apple juice to create a spicy sweet beverage.

Some of their new Tea Latte's are:
*You can always check the calories on your specified drink above though, as I have to go with lowest sugar, nonfat & low calorie as I can. The above drinks for me would be ok with nonfat versions & would have to ask them to make it with their sugar free syrups to lower even more than their site!

But for flavor, I really like the Berry Chai Infusion drink at Starbucks. You didn't have to add any sweetners (sweet n low, equal or splenda) at all, the fruit was plenty. And for some people you could probably take it home and make two servings by adding more hot water?

So if you are out & about, stop by Starbucks for something new.