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I had a great opportunity to review a First Aid Kit for Pets from When I was was first asked to do the review, I thought what was the chance that I would use it during my time frame of reviewing their product. I didn't have the opportunity to use it thankfully. But my husband and I had to tell everyone we know who have pets what a great product they sent.

When we got the kit, we were shocked at how heavy the box was. I opened it and saw a great quality bag. It has 3 zippered compartments that are full to the brim with awesome quality products. The handles make it easy to handle. These were not cheap, no name items. There are more than 60 items in this kit. Yes, 60 items! And let me tell you I had a hard time getting it all back in. LOL!

This product is well worth every penny you will spent. In the reviewing of this kit, I realized quickly that you could still use this kit in a Non Emergency environment as well.

PET FIRST-AID KIT CONTENTS: See... I told ya! Amazing. We have been scout parents for over 10+ years. This product puts to shame any First Aid Kit that each scout had, and we are supposed to always "be prepared"! The product sells for $69.99 and worth it!

I think this product would be great to have on hand for those outdoors types that take their pets with them, and even for your home or automobile.

While going through this I literally started thinking of the reasons why you would need this. For example, our dog basset hound Cletus has black think & long nails (I have never been able to get them to a normal state, this is how we got him), and I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten blood while trimming him, the Kwik Stop in this kit would have been useful. Also our beagle Fred has a growth, and at least every couple of months he has done something (scratching, rough housing etc) and it has popped open and needed to stop the bleeding, etc. The first aid stuff in a normal bathroom sometimes will not work for your pet.

I think Sunny Dog Ink has a very unique and quality product that all pet owners should have. I highly recommend their First Aid Kit for Pets Products. As a customer you can also buy replacement items for your first aid kit also.

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