Anyone that knows me personally knows I have been "Couponing" for 25 years. "Couponing" became a lifestyle for me, some would even say an addiction. LOL! I have tried many ways to organize my coupons that would work in away that works for me. I have been using my Rubbermaid File/Check Box for at least 17 years now, before that it was an index card file box or envelopes.

I have always wondered if there was another system that would work better for me, or was I using a system to the best of my "functionality"? I had seen The Couponizer system for a few years now and wondered if it would work for me? But would I be willing to try something new after all these years.

Well, I finally got a chance, and in a true sense, I get to review The Couponizer System.

I was excited when I got The Couponizer. The package came with:

I enjoyed reading the Savings Guide, and learned a few savings tricks. I like that the product is informative, easy to read, and teaches you how to save money.

The CoupStaker is a fold out sheet to help you organize your coupon piles much faster. This was great!

I liked the scissors that came with the kit, because they were small enough to keep them with your tote & efficient in quality.

The Couponizer also offer refill packs of the Shopping List and CoupoTracker Pads.

You can replace everything in your kit when or if you need too.

In the Binder System there are two sections:

- Groceries:
Contains pockets for your coupons by categories, expiring coupons, shopping list, an a section to place your coupons in that you will use & then move them to a checkout pocket.

- Other Discounts:
Contains pockets for your receipts, CoupTracker, CoupStacker, Rebates, Sweepstakes, Retail Shops, Services, Restaurants, and Entertainment.

It will take me awhile to learn her system and see the benefits for myself, because it is something I will need to see if it works for ME! I have thousands of coupons and need to learn her format of a binder system instead of a filing system. Only because it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks etc.

If you are a beginner "couponer" or don't have hundreds (or thousands) of coupons, her system is the easiest to use and learn without having those money saving coupons thrown in your purse to be lost or ripped. I think that is one of the most common reasons many do not use coupons for. I always hear, "I cut them, but forgot them on the table, in the car, or lost them etc", all because they didn't have an organizational system that works. This system will work, and it will benefit you with learning to save more money, which we all love.

I also think it is the "most bang for your buck" in a great organizational system for you to learn to start saving money! ONLY $19.95!

I would highly recommend it to: Visit The Couponizer Site for a great video to learn more about her great product!