Xoilla.com Review:

Recently I had the opportunity to review a great product from Xoilla.com. A great site, with a great selection of products & gifts for your pets or should I say your best friends.

We all love our pets, most of them are our best & royal friends. Why not give them something out of the ordinary. Xoilla.com is that kind of site.

Xoilla (soh-lah) is a full service specialty store for dogs. Located in New Your City. They offer premiere pet products, services and gift giving products that reflect the style and sophistication of the pet owner themselves. Xoilla.com offers a unique and luxury pet good that give you the opportunity to pamper your loyal friend.

I received the package, and put it on the floor next to my desk. My basset hound Cletus kept sniffing it. I opened it, and realized that it was from Xoilla.com. I don't know who was more excited to open the box, me or Cletus. And when Cletus gets excited so does my other dog Fred, our beagle.

The packaging was just beautiful. So nice that I couldn't believe that it wasn't a gift for me, it really made a nice impression especially for gift giving. I have ordered misc items from Petsmart.com before and the order never came like that, I would still have to put forth effort to gift wrap it, or make it into anything recognizable for a gift.

The set I received was a two tiered box. The smaller box had two bone shaped cookie treats. Of course my dogs would eat anything if I would let them. I gave them each one. Most treats from your local pet stores, department or grocery stores are very basic compared to these treats. Most treats are just "gulped" down and have no substance compared to these treats. It took my dogs a few minutes to eat them, which I liked. The second box was bigger, and had four biscuit treats with the coloring style of Neapolitan Ice Cream or Petite fours desserts is how I can describe them. The second day Cletus & Fred each got one. These were also enjoyed, and took a few minutes to get through. They had even more substance then the bone shape. After a outside visit to the backyard, Cletus came running into the house and went right to my desk and whined while looking at the box on my desk. It was so cute.

This is what comes in the beautifully wrapped signature boxes; they contain natural, tasty dog treats topped with 100% dried fruits, nuts and vegetables. Available in sizes petite, medium, and deluxe! Prices: Petite - $25, Medium - $32, Deluxe $40

Xoilla.com offers:
  • Gift Bundles (pre-designed & custom made)
  • Plush Spa Rob Set
  • Spa Shampoo & Conditioner sets
  • Blanket & Toy sets
  • Treat Jar & Bowl Set
  • Spa Bundles (Petite, Medium and Deluxe sizes available)
  • Welcome New Arrival Bundle Sets (Petite, Medium and Deluxe sizes available)
  • Gift Certificates $25, $50 & $100.

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I personally thought that the site was just divine to visit. Xoilla.com is definitely a site that will treat your pet with love, attention & lots of pampering. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for that wonderful Pet Lover in your life you need to go to Xoilla.com they are truly a indulgence for pets!